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We are an online store, a branch off the Inshield Technology Malaysia company focused on selling quality carefully designed and exceptional products that have an everyday place in people’s lives. We strive to bring you nothing but the best because we are committed to provide you with convenient and unique shopping experience, along with better value each and every time you decide to shop on our store. 

At Inshield, we understand the trends and directions of our customers. Therefore, we always offer you the latest and the affordably priced products in our store. We have also taken up the initiative to become a reputable reseller of various electronics predominantly video conferencing units from companies such as GroupThink, Logitech and others inclusive. 

 Our seamless shopping experience and affordable price is meant to compensate the current ongoing struggle with the pandemic hence we try to strike a balance in delivering quality products and cost saving prices of our items! On top of that, most of the items sold on our store have a fairly long warranty term. 

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Free Shipping

We make sure your items are shipped securely until they reach your doorstep for FREE

Best Quality

Best quality products that will last long hence saving your organization a lot of costs

Best Offers

We offer competitive prices and promotions on selected items. You don’t want to miss that

Secure Payments

It is a safer, faster, and a more secure way to make your online payments

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